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The best option for roofing and covering is UPVC roofing. Regarding heat insulation, acoustic insulation, water resistance, chemical and corrosive resistance, fire retardant, and eco-friendliness, UPVC roofing sheets are the best alternative to traditional asbestos, metal G.I. sheets, fibreglass sheets, and ceramic tile sheets. They are lightweight, simple to transport, and affordable from an installation standpoint. Additionally, it can cut building costs by up to 50%. These UPVC roofing sheets are popular due to their lightweight, toughness, impact resistance, and low flammability.

We are the best firm, a leading dealer, exporter, wholesaler, and importer of a wide range of UPVC Roofing Sheets, Stone Coated Metal Roofing Sheets and Roofing Shingles Tiles in Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. These products are admired for their high-quality finishing and long service life.

As a result of its effectiveness and advantages, both inside and outside, it has a wide range of applications. i.e., industrial sites, commercial sites, residential sites, and agricultural businesses such as factory buildings, warehouses, markets, vehicle parking structures, farmhouses, water resorts, cottages, chemical sites, animal homes, construction sites, schools, colleges, hotels, etc.



Color Red / Brick Red / Green / Blue / Dark Grey, etc.,
Tile Size Max 11800 mm x 1050 mm x 2.3 mm / 2.5 mm / 3.0
Material ASA Synthetic Resin
Length Max 11.8 m
Weight 4.0-5.9 kg / sqm
Width 1050 mm


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Why Choose AV Roofing?

To give you the best service possible, we have expanded in Tamil Nadu and will continue.



As a result of providing roofing services to the surrounding region, our locally-owned business gained a reputation for professionalism and high-caliber work.


Commitment to Quality

You have arrived at the ideal location if you are searching for the finest roofing services. Our talented staff is focused on offering you the best services possible.


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We want you to be happy with the outcome, so that's our goal. Count on our team to do everything in our power to provide you with the best customer support.



You can be sure that our services are finished on time because we have a different crew for each of our services, and we help to complete your project on time.


Roofing Options

We offer a wide range of roofing solutions like stone coated roofing, roofing, shingles, roof tiles, and UPVC roofing in Various styles and colors as per client demand.


Cost Effective

As one of the leading suppliers in Coimbatore, we are ready to supply roofing materials all over Tamil Nadu for engineers and residential builders at affordable prices.


FAQ About Multilayer UPVC Roofing Sheets

As a strong, long-lasting material, UPVC can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for roofline features.
Roofs made of UPVC have been found to last between 40 and 50 years. UPVC roofs can also withstand high winds. You won't have to worry about maintenance or upkeep if you choose it.
UPVC will never rot, flake, fade, or rust. Furthermore, it only requires a quick wipe down with a cloth to keep it clean. UPVC is also tough, long-lasting, and resistant. White plastic also has a more clean and simple appearance than aluminium and wood, making it more appealing.
UPVC doors are difficult to break. As a result, they provide an additional layer of security for your homes and offices. - UPVC doors are highly resistant to rusting and warping.
It is well known that UPVC pipes are susceptible to U.V. degradation when exposed to sunlight. Long exposure degrades its quality, as evidenced by decreased elongation at break and, consequently, impact strength.
As one of the top roofing manufacturers in Coimbatore, We are delighted to be able to ship roofing sheets to any location in Tamil Nadu, especially to major towns like Madurai, Coimbatore, and Chennai. Also, we focus on other cities like Erode, Salem, Tiruppur, Karur, Namakkal, Thanjavur, Trichy, Hosur, Pondicherry, Nagercoil, Pollachi, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Yercaud.

Our Clients Say

Arun Karur

Arun Karur

"I used their product for my new workshop shed, and now I know I made the right decision by using uPVC roofing from AV Roofings. I must also mention their outstanding service cooperation."



I am pleased with the new Upvc roof that AV Roofing installed on our industrial plant. The cost is reasonable. They come on schedule, and the quality is excellent. I've always received full information from AV roofings.