Tips for Choosing the Best Roof Tiles for Your Home Improvement

Roofing tiles have become a popular trend in home renovation, offering durability, attractiveness, and longevity. These tiles have a long history, dating back to ancient Egypt, as one of the most durable roofing materials ever created.

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The Evolution of Roofing Tiles

Roofing tiles have been a preferred choice for centuries, but their high prestige also made them extremely expensive. Today, their 'high-class' status persists, although costs have significantly decreased due to the availability of new roofing materials.

Roofs are a critical aspect of any building, and choosing the right roof tile is a long-term investment, not a one-time expense. Here are our top tips to help you select the best roof tile for your property.

Points to Consider Before Choosing Roofing Tiles

When selecting the right hue for your home, consider the following five factors:

  • The Material of the Property

  • The Color Scheme of Your Property

  • The Architectural Form and Layout of the Home

  • Heat Absorption Rate of Color and Energy Efficiency

  • Use Color Choices, Visualizers, or Your Architect/Designer’s 3-D Design for Comparison

  • The House’s Surroundings or Neighborhood

Learn essential tips and key factors to consider when selecting the best roofing tiles for your home to ensure durability, style, and functionality.

The Construction Material

Roofing tiles come in various materials, including clay and concrete, each with its advantages. Concrete tiles are more robust and provide long-lasting protection, while clay tiles are visually appealing. Your choice of tile material should depend on your goals, particularly in terms of durability and budget. AV Roofing supplies eco-friendly practices and materials throughout the roofing process for optimum energy efficiency and environmental safety.

The Color Scheme

When choosing a roofing tile colour, consider the overall colour scheme of your home. It includes everything from the paint to the wall cladding and landscape design. The colour of the roofing tiles should be consistent with the overall colour pattern. While some colours, like white, can match any colour scheme, special considerations should be made for the unique wall, pillar, or siding colours.

The Architectural Style

The house’s design plays a crucial role in selecting a roofing colour. An antique-style house may suit terracotta, antique red, or coffee colours, while a modern box-style house might look better with brighter or unique colours like the Jasper Galaxy model. The architectural style of the building heavily influences the colour scheme.

Heat Absorption

Dark colours absorb more heat, while light colours reflect it. Consider the heat absorption rate of the tile colour, as it can affect the temperature inside your home. Although black and white is a classic colour scheme, experimenting with different tones like coffee, deep grey, or galaxy can be beneficial, especially if your home has an effective ventilation and cooling system.

Use the Color Selector Tool

Utilize tools like the Roof Tile Color Selector from reputable companies to visualize different hues on your roof. You can also ask your architect or designer to create a unique design using your chosen colours to help you make an informed decision.


Your colour scheme should be compatible with your neighbourhood. A vacation home in the woods may look better with terracotta or pista green colours, while a futuristic home in town might suit antique red, galaxy, or Jasper series colours. Consider your surroundings when deciding on the colour of your roof tiles.

Weight of the roofing tiles

Roofs and sidewalls must support the weight of the roofing tiles. If your house has a delicate roof structure, consider using clay tiles instead of concrete tiles.

Size and Coverage

The size and area covered by each tile will dictate the number of tiles required, the installation rate, and the project's final price. Choose a tile size that fits your budget and installation schedule.

Book a Consultation with AV Roofings Before Choosing Roof Tiles

In Conclusion, The more you research the market, the more you will learn about roofing tiles and their various aspects. For more information and expert advice, do not hesitate to contact our manufacturers. AV Roofings in Namakkal is a premier roofing and remodelling contractor offering high-quality building solutions. Choose what is best for you.